Here is the schedule for week fourteen: 

27th October – 31st October 2021

This is our final week at this physical address.

Wednesday - Sunday

113 Taranaki St, Te Aro,  Whanganui-a-Tara

Open 10AM - 10PM

Scroll below for the regular weekly activations of Commonspace.

Information on the One-off activations are on the Commonspace instagram, as well as assorted digital activations of space

from different artists.

Commonspace Peoples' Choir

Morning Meditation:

Wednesdays 10am

Every Wednesday morning as the doors open, begin the new day with a meditation hosted by a different guide each week.

The Full Album Hour with Raquel:

Wednesdays 5pm - 6pm in space, 8pm - 9pm on Mouthfull Radio and in space.

Tune into experiencing a full album from start to finish. Each week is curated by a different guest.


City of Care: 

Wednesdays 7:30pm - 9:30pm (on hold)

Every Wednesday evening the 'City of Care' conversation will continue with collective hope, asking questions of what Te Whanganui-a-Tara will be like in 2050.


Finding my Voice with Violet: (on hold)

Thursdays 6.30pm - 7.30pm

An introduction to singing for all people and levels. • Providing an introduction to singing and vocal techniques to better your ability. • Have you singing with confidence, and comfortable in a group setting. • Learn about the anatomy of one's voice. • Make singing accessible to those that don't consider themselves a 'singer'. • Reconnect with community through song.


Film Screenings:

Thursdays 8pm - 10pm

Selections of short films, documentaries, feature lengths curated by a different host each week. A space similar to the kaupapa of Fullfilm Fest - www.mouthfull.space/fullfilm-fest/

Get Sh*t Done with Sarah:

Fridays 12:30pm - 2pm (on hold)

Even though this is a space of 'beingness', sometimes things do have to get 'done'. May we enter this doing state together, label our beloved To-Do List as Sh*t and collectively support one another in our admin with free coffee and wifi.

Somatic Incubator:

Fridays 6:30pm - 8pm

Weekly sessions guided by Heidi, Adam and Georgia - exploring mind-body connections, experiencing our bodies in relationship to others and the space by using different approaches from Contact Improvisation (CI), Contemporary Dance and Somatics.

Commonspace Peoples' Choir: (on hold)

Sundays 11am - 12pm

Singing together is fun, we can make some impressive noises. A non-holy choir aimed at everyone who likes to sing in the shower... Join the karaoke style choir, sing the classics, and build up to our Kate Bush 'Wuthering Heights' flash mob finale.