Artists in Residence

What does it mean to fill commonspace? How does a creative act ripple outwards into the city streets? These artists bring their own spaces into Commonspace and contribute to the ongoing questions and kōrero. Diversifying the conversations with the artists' own practises intertwining with rhythms and activations present in the space. Scroll below for information and stories on each past/present artist, perhaps with some cross-contamination of ideas and de-siloing of disciplines - well, that's the plan. It's beautiful, enlivening and always in motion.



Violet Hirst

Violet is a musician, writer and artist born in Queenstown and based in Pōneke. Nostalgic and sincere; influenced by instinct, dirt, tea and her mother. She tends to romanticise things, making music from the heart whilst enjoying baking, dancing and singing!!



Ever thought "Hey, I can sing too!" ? Then this class is for you !

An introduction to singing for all people and levels.


These free workshops will aim to...

• Provide an introduction to singing and vocal techniques to better your ability.

• Have you singing with confidence, and comfortable in a group setting.

• Learn about the anatomy of one's voice.

• Make singing accessible to those that don't consider themselves a 'singer'.

• Reconnect with community through song.


Thursdays 6.30pm-7.30pm


Ella Baigent-Brown

Ella Baigent-Brown (AKA. Getoffmylawn6) has quietly roamed about Aotearoa's festival and gig scene as a roaming documentary and illustrative artist. A expressive hand across many mediums, they are inspired by the way in which positive and negative light play balancing games with the forms of nature. Drawing enables a floating realm to express and process the many pockets of beauty in this world.


The first session in 'The Art of Seeing' introduces the idea of radical expression.

With the intention to break down and let go of expectations surrounding how a creation should look. Ella guides you in following the nature of drawing, enjoying how closely it responds to feeling and developing skills to encourage free exploration.

nadia deluge.jpeg


Nadia Freeman

Nadia Freeman / Miss Leading is an electronic music producer, singer, and poet.  Composing music on a unique Wellington-made Synthstrom Deluge. Her music layers conscious lyrics focused on environmental and human rights with complex percussion and light melodies that aim to widen your mind and get your body moving.

Since returning to NZ, Miss Leading has performed at festivals across the North and South Island and is the founder of the Eastern Sound Collective a network of Wellington musicians who aim to support Asian artists who are underrepresented in western music.


In the first week of residency, Nadia is asking to collect participants' vulnerable secrets. A kete with pens, paper, typewriter are set up on a desk awaiting answers... Poems will be formed which will eventually culminate in a live musical performance within Commonspace over September.

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