What kind of things belong in commonspace?

Updated: Jul 20, 2021

commonspace is quite a conceptual notion.

It can only exist with people actually filling it.

While we all wonder what we have in common, here are some thoughts on what could be the beginning of things we can agree upon...

We want you to feel welcome.

Anything that goes on in commonspace should be free and accessible to anyone. There should be a degree of diversity of activities within the space that could interest different people (which we all are!).


There should be some things that are interesting, interact-able, and stimulating for the senses. Whether that be visually, audibly, contactual, tasteful, or smelly - we want there to be things that we're able to play with.


We are growing beings, and being able to share knowledge across generations and cultures is something we are easily able to do. We welcome the discussions, subversions, and critical reflections - as long as they are approached respectfully (knowing how to listen as well as speak your thoughts).


Everyone wants to feel welcome, everyone wants to be comfortable, we want activities within commonspace to be enjoyable for the people who participate.

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