How do you apply to have an event or gathering at commonspace?

Updated: Jul 13

The beauty of commonspace is that is composed by the people, for the people. There aren't any barriers to enter really, anyone that wants to be there can be. The only acceptance is that of availability and respect.

Just fill in the form of when you'd like to have your gathering, what it is, and have a read of our kaupapa before you agree (by submitting, you are agreeing to honour this).

Obviously, as stated in our kaupapa, anything that perpetuates hate or discrimination of any kind will not be welcome. We also appreciate discussions that liberate and give a sense of hope – but there is a degree of integrity we must uphold to hold true to our space. That means topics that are problematic or insisting on action (in a *saviour complex* kind of way) that disregards another persons beliefs and or values are also not welcome. Just a couple of things to bear in mind (so there won't be any COVID conspiracy groups sorry).

Here's a play-by-play on how to book commonspace.

  1. Go to '' on your internet browser

  2. Click into the 'CONTACT' page within the hamburger menu

  3. Fill in the form titled 'Host/Gather at commonspace'

  4. We will send you an email to confirm, as well as if we are able to support the gathering financially (if requested).

What is there on offer?

We have a big rug, around 20 chairs, a small kitchenette, bathrooms, a small courtyard, a library of books, art supplies, access to speakers/microphone, and some more things upon request.

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