An inner city place of being and belonging, learning and connecting. Commonplace holds similar behaviours to a library and allow participants to play with a critique of what it is to belong in “the commons”, exploring space outside of traditional transactions. Providing an enlivening space to incite creative collaboration alongside a free guided programme of ongoing kōrero, learning, stillness, sensation and wonder.


Through de-siloing knowledge and cross-pollinating disciplines, the space holds whanaungatanga for a younger inner city community to connect more consciously. How can a space nurture a sense of hope and interconnectedness? Fullfilling perspectives of feeling and being, against the grain of expectant spaces that prioritise productive ‘doing’. The purpose of Commonspace is to come out feeling more connected and alive than when you entered.


Kaupapa: 1. (noun) a level surface, floor, stage, platform, layer. 2. (noun) principles, policies, plan, purpose, philosophy, proposal, agenda, programme, theme, issue, initiative, values.


Commonspace: 1. (adj.) belonging to or shared by two or more people. common property. 2. belonging to or shared by members of one or more nations or communities; public. a common culture. 3. a supportive platform to nurture the growth and creativity of artists working with all mediums. Connecting, inspiring and empowering the arts community at large. 4. a place to be and experience arts at 113 Taranaki Street.

Mouthfull: 1. (noun) creative arts collective based in Wellington, Aotearoa. 3. (noun) in a state of media saturation and consumption where one’s sensory inputs are full. Too many signals, too much on the plate, two many L’s. One has bitten off more than they can chew and is advised not to swallow or they may choke!

An exploration into accessibility, the custom of a 'passport' being a barrier to entry into spaces.

We will give a passport to anyone and everyone that enters - and they can choose how they want to use it; a personal notebook, something to fill using the tools in the space, a planner, a passport. They can leave it in the space or take it with them. If they forget to bring it back, they can just have another.

We will scatter some custom made stamps (like postage stamps - you lick them and stick them in) in common spaces in the Central Wellington region. Inside the passport, there is potential to have many little slip printouts - including a weekly schedule of activities, a 'stamp location' information sheet, minature posters, etc.

There will be a little 'filing cabinet' for people who want to leave their passport there - and we will have a stamp that we can change dates everyday.

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