Haere Mai. Welcome to the inner walls of commonspace.
Here is an archive of happenings from many of the weekly rhythms. Featuring numerous different people who have come in and out of the doors day to day - artists and participants alike / the same.
Enjoy the records, we hope as you consume & connect with this information that you will in turn feel a part of the community also. Scrolling to the bottom of the page you will also see our 'Community Blog' in motion. You are very welcome to contribute.

Album of the Week

Every Wednesday evening a full album is chosen, played and listened to in a curated environment by a different selector each week. These listening sessions happen both in Commonspace on the SONY stereo, or live on the Mouthfull Radio airways.


Week One. Raquel chose:

Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) - Groove Armada (2001)

Week One. Raquel chose:

Goodbye Country (Hello Nightclub) - Groove Armada (2001)


Week Two. Finn chose:

Viva! La Woman - Cibo Matto (1996)


Week Three. Peregrin chose:

Elaenia - Floating Points (2015)

eva cassidy.jpg

Week Four. Jackson chose:

Songbird - Eva Cassidy (1998)


Week Five. Raquel chose:

Diamond Life - Sade (1984)

Poem of the Week

Week One. Wild Geese - Mary Oliver

wild geese - mary oliver.jpg

Week Two. Everything is Waiting for You - David Whyte

Everything is Waiting For you - David Whyte.jpg

Week Three. Rest - Isabella Waru 

rest - isabella waru.jpg

Week Four. The Journey - Mary Oliver

The Journey - Mary Oliver.jpg

Week Five. Let July be July - Morgan Harper Nichols

Let July be July by Morgan Harper Nichols.jpg

Week Six. An Ode to Days Gone - Anne-Lisa Noordover

An Ode to days gone - Anne-Lisa.jpg

Film of the Week

Week One. 'Lights from the Underworld', 'Kaikohe Demolition' - Florian Habicht

Week Two. Fullfilm Fest shorts, 'Workshop' - Judah Finnigan

Week Three. 'Paris Texas' - Wim Wenders

Week Four. 'Down by Law' - Jim Jarmusch 

Week Five. {lockdown selection: }

Week Six. {lockdown selection: }

Week Seven. 'Land of the Long White Cloud' - Florian Habicht

Week Eight. 'Born in Flames' - Lizzie Borden

Week Nine. 'Harold and Maude' - Hal Ashby

Community Blog

This is a community 'blog' page but this website isn't too friendly with guests co-writing posts. If you would like to share any writings at all, pose any questions, start any threads (anyone can still write comments and kōrero) then please do email and we'll give you 'writing permissions' to contribute to the common space conversation. Meanwhile we'll do our best to come back here with updates, articles, learnings and outputs from the space. Mauri Ora